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James Blunt

Bit of a prop­er post this one.
I’ve been listen­ing to his album lots, and its struck how good it is. It gets bet­ter with every play. I’ve even been giv­en his music book. Well the tab of his music book, got it for my birth­day and I’ve actu­ally been play­ing it a bit to, hehe. I really like his album, it’s got songs for every occa­sion, and your mood can determ­ine the mood of the album. Like now I’m listen­ing to it and I’m fairly upbeat and happy, and the songs are com­ing across in that way, but I have listened to it when I’ve been feel­ing down abit and it reflects that mood. To me thats the mark of a good album. Some­thing for every occasion.
To be hon­est this post is com­ing because I’m fed up of doing work. Been try­ing to do it all day, I’ve tasted vari­ous “posh” soft drinks and now my stom­ach feels bloated. It’s also an exper­i­ment to see if I can have pic­tures in my posts. I’m hop­ing it works. In fact if it does you will see the nice album cov­er of James Blunt. I thinks its a really good piece of design/artwork. I would actu­ally quite like a big ver­sion as a poster, it would really good. Maybe I can devel­op my own piece from it, per­haps a bit of an auto­bi­o­graph­ic­al image. I’ve got a couple of canvases wait­ing for a picture.
Any­way back to the album, favour­ite track has got to be “So Long Jimmy”, I like the little riff in that one, its quite addict­ive and gets stuck in your mind.
Over­all I have to give the album full whack, 5/5
Apo­lo­gies, its not really been much of a review, more of my ram­blings based on some­thing, which I sup­pose is good. If it makes someone who has­n’t heard the album listen to it then woo!! But most people will have heard it so ah well!!