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It’s not there! AND IT SHOULD BE!!

I hate it when things aren’t there when there is no reas­on why it should­n’t be!!
Ok, as any­one who has read this blog will know, I want a prop­er word­press blog which I can design and cus­tom­ise and make mine, rather than one of these stand­ard tem­plate thingys. So I finally found some where I can have one for free and now I have a week off lec­tures I am tak­ing the chance to set it up. Everything is installed, except for one screen, and there is no reas­on why it is not there!! I have rein­stalled it, tried over and over, but it just won’t flam­ing appear. Without it I can­’t do what I want. I have it all set up on my iBook and it looks good, or at least will do with a bit more tweak­ing, might post a screen shot later. Plus the people on the help for­um are being lame and not reply­ing to my plea for help. ARGH!!!!
Any­way, voice is still here, its get­ting bet­ter, not quite nor­mal but not far off although it gets a bit husky sometimes!!
So, if any­one knows about word­press and the K2 theme found at bin­ary bon­sai then please let me know.

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