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24 January, 2014
17 December, 2013

An Apple Christmas

It’s a TV ad, but it’s a beautiful TV ad and one I’m pretty sure a lot of people will connect with. This Christmas is a great time to spend with the people you love, and a great opportunity to switch off that glowing rectangle you stare at for the rest of the year, but it’s also a great time for making memories to share with your family. My favourite Christmas ad this year.

19 December, 2012
5 November, 2012
31 October, 2012
24 September, 2012
19 September, 2012
10 September, 2012
21 June, 2012
7 June, 2012
7 April, 2012
17 February, 2012

Mountain Lion Is Not More Like iOS by Jim Dalrymple

If Apple were trying to make Mountain Lion more like iOS we would be touching the screen of our computers to interact with out apps instead of using the keyboard and mouse.

Mountain Lion is about familiarity and integration. The new features and apps in Mountain Lion make sense for a desktop operating system.

(Via Jim Dalrymple.)

2 January, 2012
27 August, 2011
26 August, 2011