Received my first Christmas card in the post today. In November. Ten days before December even starts.

I really need to reasses my weekend so I’m resting better. Not doing anything often feels worse than a full jam packed week.

Enjoyed beginning to look at a design refresh for this blog. Time it had it’s own custom theme and a good chance to start trying out some CSS grid.

I’ve really enjoyed the photo challenge this past week. It’s been fun to have creative challenge totally unrelated to either of my jobs, I already have about four possible photos for the final days topic.

I seem to have inadvertently found myself on a streak of posting to my blog each day. Some small posts like this, some longer, and some photos. Aiming to make it more of a habit to share my thoughts there.

First day of trying to establish a new routine in my evenings that includes setting time aside everyday to read my bible. The quest to find discipline for things that matter is always tough.

Nothing like the internet being out to make you realise just how reliant you are on it.

Podcasts, coffee, and The New CSS Layout. A lovely way to start the weekend after a bit of a sleep in. As a web designer with a print background, this stuff is what dreams are made of.

Realised I rarely sit down to read web articles saved in my Instapaper these days. If I sit down to read, I read a book. Now find I’m saving articles I know need to read to my Things inbox. Odd how behaviours change.

Love the buzz when solving a coding problem that felt like it had me beat. Very satisfying not to have to resort to help requests just by showing a little more patience.

Started playing around with a new child theme for my blog yesterday. Considering mirroring my Goodreads read list in some way.

Good start to the day. A recurrence of my old back pain from about a year ago, just what I wanted.

Obligatory first post from for Mac. Nice to have access to the service from my Mac, just need to iron the issue of my posts not appearing there now.

Didn’t register it was 9/11 until this evening thanks to the way we write the date here (11/9). 15 years on and I can still remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday. Some events live long in the memory.

Nothing better than having the test match on in the background while sorting out things in the flat.

Nothing like a bit of trouble shooting on the blog to disrupt a relaxed start to the day.