So the new iPod touch matches the iPhone in 3 of its colours. Should we expect pink and blue iPhones in the autumn?

The longer I work for myself, the more inclined I am to look for smaller businesses to shop from.

Another #BuySmall suggestion for @ugmonk, really dig the style of this brand.

As a small business owner I Love the idea of #BuySmall! No better place to start than @baronfig…

Nice to end the day out in the garden. Lawn mowed and fed, tomatoes and sweet peppers growing well. Even the rocket is starting to appear.

Any suggestions as to where I can buy some #coffee beans in #Cheltenham until Whole Foods fix their machine?

Yay autocorrect! Who’s Food is of course meant to be Whole Foods…

Disaster! Who’s Foods coffee roasting machine is out of action and I’m out of beans!

“Are we capable of letting creativity born out of boredom take place?” Bored

Really like the new @baronfig Confidant, haven’t stated my Maker Edition yet though, not sure I can justify another one.