Bonobo – The North Borders ›

This year, thanks to the new coffee house I work in part time, I’ve been listening to a lot of Bonobo’s music. I’d come across his music a few years ago, but for some reason never really listened much. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying it so much I thought it only right to share a link to his fifth studio album The North Borders. If you like melodic, layered, electronic music give it a listen.

Reanimation by Lights & Motion

I don’t post about the music I listen to very often, in fact never would be closer to the mark, but I’ve recently thanks to the wonders of Rdio discovered this album. It’s a largely instrumental piece which suits me while I’m working. This weekend a friend of mine pointed out that it bares some similarities to Coldplay with out the words, probably explains why it’s been on my stereo constantly for the last few days then.

Coldplay Violet Hill ›

Coldplay, one of my favourite bands have just begun the launch of their new album. The first single was aired today and is available for free download for the next week, I suggest you go get it.

My first impressions after a few listens are good. I like it and it seems a natural progression from the sound on X&Y, looking forward to the rest of the album which is released on June 17th.

The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The Understatement ›

The Last Shadow Puppets and The Age Of The Understatement

The Age Of The Understatement’ is a wide-screen, bold and brilliant introduction to the band. The Last Shadow Puppets are Alex Turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (from The Rascals).

I heard this track a couple of months ago, and finally today tracked it down. I’m a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys and this is a great compliment to the work Alex Turner has done with them. Looking forward to the album of the same name in a couple of weeks.

R.I.P. PhilPod


On my birthday and the few days after, you may have seen me talking about the death of my iPod, otherwise known as PhilPod. I think the HDD in it has failed, when I plug it into my Mac it whirrs, pops and clicks and doesn’t register at all in iTunes. On the day in question two or three times the unhappy Mac appeared on the screen and I knew that was it. My iPod had died after three years of providing me with music on the go it is no more.

It did leave it’s mark, and me in a bit of distress for an hour or so. No not because it was gone, although it was sad, but because on it’s way it crippled my iTunes Library. In a vain attempt to bring PhilPod back to life, I plugged it into my iMac to try to reset it one last time. I was greeted with that same whirring and popping as well as the usual do not disconnect message on screen. However it did not register on my iMac or in iTunes and after half an hour I decided it was time to pull the plug. iTunes continued playing and all seemed well, unitil I wanted to change the album I was listening to. iTunes wasn’t responding. No biggie, time to force quit. Biggie. iTunes process quit, but the iTunes icon didn’t. There it sat in the dock going no where. The end result after a log out and a launch of iTunes. My iTunes Library had been locked. Fortunately, it’s all fixed (post on how to come!) and no data was lost.

So what next? Well as my iPod died on my birthday, I thought it fitting to use the money I got as gifts towards a replacement. After some thought this morning I plumped for a black 3G iPod nano (8GB) from Amazon. It’s only cost me £109 plus postage thanks to an Amazon voucher, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than Apple. I’m not bothered by the loss in capacity, as by the end my iTunes Library wouldn’t fit on my 20GB PhilPod, so this will only serve to make me more selective in what music to carry with me. I’m looking forward to smallness and the possibility of Nike Plus in the future.

To finish. RIP PhilPod.