On weeks that have felt as long as this one, a glass of wine on the sofa in front of a great film seems like the best way to end it. Tonight’s movie choice, Gladiator. 🎥📺

Netflix has got some brilliant older films on at the moment. Tonight’s viewing while I sorted my online groceries order, Star Gate. Despite seeing it several times before, it’s oddly engrossing! 📺 🎥

Made the mistake of reading Twitters trending topic for Billy Graham. Disgusted by the hate filled posts, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

A bit of late night work done tonight. Probably not the best idea, but sometimes you just have to run with it when focus and flow arrive when you’ve been struggling to find it all day.

It’s Micro Monday on Micro.blog and I figured it was time to share another nomination since its been a few weeks since my last one. This time I’m recommending @EddieHinckle who has excellent taste in books!

Depression is a funny thing. Sometimes, out of no where, it hits you with a bad day and the prospect of doing anything takes a monumental effort.

Pretty sure there was just a minor earthquake tremor in Cheltenham.

Watching some skeleton in the Winter Olympics. They’re absolutely nuts.

Watched Slumdog Millionaire for the first time this evening. Not sure why it took me so long to see it, really enjoyed it. 🎬

From my walk to work yesterday morning, an absolutely stunning sunrise.

My walk to work this morning was in day light. My walk home from work this evening was in day light. It’s amazing the effect this has had on my mood today. It actually felt like there was still some of the day left when I got home.

Not sure why I’ve never looked into using svg files for logo’s on websites until today. They look so good on retina displays and more economical than multiple image sizes.

Siri has stopped working with third party apps for tasks, it just keeps telling me I need to continue in the app. Driving me mad.

Starting to feel the value in my recent Sunday night routine, emptying inboxes, last bits of tidying up around the flat and then planning my week out. It makes a real difference to my productivity and focus on a Monday morning.

I’m not sure if it was a good idea or not, but I found an old backup database of my very first blog and have now imported all the posts to my site. It’s now a complete archive of my ramblings going back to August 2005 when I first started.

Looking forward to a relaxing day watching sport. First the North London derby and then England v Wales in the Six Nations. ⚽️🏉

Decided I’m going to spend a bit of time working on a new design for my blog this weekend. Time to restructure some things and, since I’m posting more often, have a design that’s more reflective of me and my design tastes.

I just discovered that WhatsApp can do bold and italic text with some basic Markdown syntax. Who knew!

After a long tiring week there’s nothing quite like flopping on the sofa with a good book. I usually have a non-fiction and a fiction book on the go, more and more I find myself reaching for the fiction to wind down. Currently reading Red Rising and Quiet. 📚