Shawn posted his own screenshot and asked for some people to link to theres. So I though why not! ha! Here you go!

My latest desktop!  Calm so it's easy to concentrate on work.

It’s fairly plain so that I find it less distracting when working on the dreaded dissertation.

One status to rule them all

In some moments of escapism from my Dissertation I have managed to setup my Twitter account to become that one status to rule them all. Finally fulfilling the role it has always threatened to do.

title image

A while ago I told you I had a Twitter account and that I had got it showing up in the sidebar of my blog. That was the first step of implementing Twitter as my status to rule them all. What I really wanted to do, was to use Twitter to show my status on my blog, my status to my Twitter friends (which there aren’t many of so signup and add me) and as my status on MSN.

Now to do this wasn’t that simple. I had to first sort out Adium to show my status messages on MSN. Due to a limitation of the library the Adium devs use this is not possible to do straight from Adium. In order to get the MSN personal messages to show up in Adium I had to setup a Jabber account and with that an MSN transport. I setup an account with a jabber server found at and registered with the MSN transport. It worked and I was able to see my buddies MSN status messages from Adium.

MSN personal messages in Adium, via my Jabber transport.  I'm using Twitter to show my status message.

Now with that up and running I had to solve the problem of making my Twitter status show up in the status message of Adium/MSN. Enter the Adium Xtras site and this applescript. Once the script was installed I followed the instructions found on the download page, created a status with %_Twitter in the text field and saw my Twitter status appear there. So my MSN buddies could now see my Twitter status and I was well ont he way to my one ruling status. Now whenever I changed my Twitter status my MSN status changed to mirror it.

I now had to sort out how I changed my Twitter status. I had been using a litle app called Twitterrific which is a little menu bar app. It had a bit of an issue though, it quite often lost connection with the Twitter server and would spring up a little error window to me so, not really what you want when in the middle of a paragraph. So I set out to look for an alternative and what better alternative than something which involves the one application to rule them all, which added an action to QuickSilver called Tweet and allowed me to post my Twitter status from QuickSilver.

Setting my Twitter status in Quicksilver.

It worked well, except there was one thing I didn’t like about it. I was unable to tell if the post to Twitter had worked. With a little more searching I found a version that added a little Growl notification to the process. It added something that ensured a Growl notifcation popped up on my display when the Tweet was succesful.

The confirmation Growl notification.  I'd like to change the Applescript icon for a twitter 't' but I'm not sure how to achieve that.

So now, I am able to control my Adium status, my blog status and my Twitter status all from the same place. Plus I have been able to sort out something I’ve wanted for ages, tobe able to use QuickSilver to alter my status as well as to send Instant Messages.

Quote of The Day: Mark Lawrenson ›

I don’t normally do this, but I just heard a genius quote from Mark Lawrenson as he commentates on the FA Cup game between Reading and Man Utd. Commenting on the idea that Reading and Oxford (2 rivals) were in talks to merge several years ago he said:

It would be like putting King Herod in charge of Mother Care!

Just made me chuckle and thought I would share it with you all!


Been feeling very rough for the last couple of days, particularly today. Now, I’m not one for stopping when I feel rough or giving in to it, so I’ve been trying to continue my work today, and will do so tomorrow. But I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on stuff, having a coughing fit every few minuntes isn’t a help. That’s why there has been a lack of any kind of meaningful post the last couple of days or so. Hopefully normal service will resume soon.

I need your help!

On Monday or Tuesday, I start a new module at Uni. It’s an independant study module that requires me to come with 5 or more ideas for possible design projects. Now, open briefs are hard, briefs this open are the hardest. Basically I’m looking for ideas. If you have an idea or something which you think might be quite interesting then drop a comment. I don’t guarantee I will do it, but you may trigger some idea off for me.