Just a quick post to warn of any funkiness over the coming weeks(s). Ben of Open Switch fame is coding up my redesign of this site. I don’t really know much of what this entails, but I imagine you may experience some sneak previews of the design. Keeps your eyes peeled.


Well it’s been a bit quiet around here of late. Largely because I haven’t really had a lot to talk about, well I mean not had stuff I wanted to put on here. It’s difficult. Sometimes I find myself wanting to write about things, but I don’t want to write about personal things as I’m not the type to bare my soul to anyone and everyone on the internet. So as a result things have been rather quiet on the scene here, maybe things will perk up a bit in the coming weeks but who knows!! One thing is for sure I will endeavour to try and get something more meaningful up on here soon.

On a side note. My iBook is getting real slow sometimes, really need the developers conference to get here sooner. I want to buy me a new iMac but don’t wanna do it now and discover they have made upgrades at the WWDC after owning it for a couple of weeks.

Quicksilver ›

I have recently started using a handy little (well big) application called Quicksilver. Essentially its a launcher for applications, but it can do alot more than that. In only a matter of a couple of weeks, its become second nature to invoke Quicksilver and then type a letter or two in order to open an application, and I now find myself doing more and more stuff with the app. It’s very well polished for something that is in such active development. It’s appearance is simply stunning, especially with the new cube interface, which I have discovered is customisable, so now it integrates even more in to my working environment! It’s also speeding up my workflow as I don’t have to leave the keyboard now, I can just use QS.


Last summer when I came back from my first year at Uni I found things very hard in regards to my faith and living it. At Uni I am surrounded by friends from CU, my house mates are now all Christian, my girlfriend is a Christian and we are all together living it out. Last summer I didn’t feel like this at home, yes I have my friends here and most of them are Christian but it was just not the same. So this year, when I returned from Uni and met up with my friend Mark, he asked if I would be interested in joining a cell. He too had been wondering how we can support each other more when we are at home and came up with idea of the cell. Now it makes perfect sense really, we are all here, we are all in the same boat so why not.

So last Thursday we had our first cell of the summer, exploring 1 Peter. Instantly, I think, the whole group realised that we will all benefit so much from these meetings. It has been such an encouragement to me already, I really came away feeling I can do this and it won’t be as hard as last summer was. But not only was I instantly encouraged for the summer, I was also encouraged for my life. We only really explored the first two verses, but the second verse really is a great verse. Its message is just so amazing it really makes you thankful that you are who you are.

God planned long ago to choose you by making you his holy people, which is the Spirit’s work. God wanted you to obey him and to be made clean by the blood of the death of Jesus Christ.
Grace and peace be yours more and more.

1 Peter 1 v 2

How can that not just make you smile, not make you want to live your life for him.  He didn’t leave it to chance that I have a relationship with him, that I know Jesus and that he is in my life.  He chose me.  He wanted me to know him.  He wants me to love him.  He wants me to live for him and he has a plan for me.  That just makes me so thankful and gives me so much hope, that even though I may find things hard, I know I am not alone.  The fact that I have friends around me supporting me and who know the same thing just makes that all the better and somehow all the more easier.


Having been back from uni for a couple of weeks now I have started working at the old hardware store I worked in when I was 16. I now feel its time to assess some of the other bits and bobs to do over my summer. Mainly in the world of design. I have Kate’s wedding invites etc to do, but also a redesign of this site. Well, I call it a redesign, it would actually be a design, since I have been using only a slightly customised version of K2 for most of its life.

Having decided to take on this design it seems that I have to first address the direction of this site. Now I want it to represent me. This means that it has to contain bits of me. Now what are these bits of me?? Well they are what I am interested in, what I think about certain things, what I believe and what I design. So, put simply it has to contain my blog (what I think, what I believe and what I am interested in) and my portfolio (what I design). So thats the two elements of my site, “what I think” and “what I do”. Now there will be some cross over here, as what I think is reflected in what I do and what I do is reflected in what I think, but at the end of the day these are the two main elements of my site.

So the initial onset of the design is to reflect this. To reflect he two things that the site has to present, notice I put present. This is the keyword. The site is to present these things and to represent me. So whilst the site has to present them, and I need a good design to do this, it also needs to represent me.

Now being a graphic designer, and one element of the site is to present my portfolio, the whole site needs to be a part of this. My previous plans had been to have a seperate portfolio site and a seperate blog, but I now feel that it is important to present both of these things together. My blog is likely to contain many different things, from an employers perspective it can be seen to show how aware I am of whats going on around me and as another portal of what inspires me. A designer needs to be aware, and if one method of demonstrating this awareness is through my blog, then I don’t believe it should be seperate from my work.

So the design begins, I will no doubt keep you updated on its progress, I have a tight schedule to work to on one of the hardest tasks I have ever undertaken. Designing for yourself is so much harder!!

Tipping Point ›

Daring Fireball todays has a good essay on the tipping point of Mac OS X. Read it here. I have to say I agree with large portions of it, I don’t know much about the past of Mac but I do know that OS X is very accsessible and easy to use, so much that my friends and housemates at uni are starting to adopt it.

3rd Place Playoff

This is a very weird sensation. I am just watching the 3rd Place Playoff in the world cup and, I think, for the first time ever I want German to win. Mainly because I don’t want the Portugese and Ronaldo to win. All the same its weird.

IE 6

GRRRRRRRRR! Why is it that IE 6 won’t display webpages how the other browsers display them. If you know CSS and are able to hack it so that webpages display correctly can you help. The site I am building is found here and I am having issues with the search bar and text updates no appearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, please drop a comment or email via the contact form.


Zooomr is a photo sharing service similar to flickr. It’s currently in a beta stage of development so I have decided to give it a bit of a try. It also comes with the added incentive that if I blog about it and use my photos in my blog then I will be upgraded to a free pro account.

The service is very similar to flickr. It lets you upload your photos and tag them so that they can be easily sorted and searched for. The service on first glance seems to miss a couple of key features, mainly the ability to make sets for your pictures to appear in. However it does have a couple of extra features which I do like. One being the trackbacks. This works similarly to how the track backs in blogs work. If some one uses your photo then a trackback will appear under it in the same manner that a trackback appears under a blog post when someone refers to it.

Anyway, here is my picture hosted on zoomr, its from the day of the summer ball when we all met up at the beer gradens. Using this photo on my blog will give me a free pro account, so if you are a blogger I recommend you go and give Zoomr a test drive, it is being upgraded at some point in the next week but they promise photos will be working no matter what.

Summer Ball 2006-03Summer Ball 2006-03Hosted on Zooomr

Design IS Credibility ›

I just came across this article and found it very interesting. I agree with it. I think its very important that a church has a good strong identity. If it is promoting a event and the promotionaly material is strong and up to date it will amke it seem much more credible and relevant. After all it is all about preading the gospel and making it accessible to people, if good design and a strong identity can improve this aspect then people should embrace it and try and use it.

Home, with direction!?!

Having got to the end of my 2nd year at uni I now find myself at home for the summer.  Its been an interesting last term and even more interesting being back home.  The transition from being at uni to being at home is quite strange.  Obviously its nice to see parents and friends, but the attitudes of my friends here are so different to uni.  At uni you can have people around you all the time, they make an effort to see people and if they say they are gonna do something generally they do it.  Complete contrast to anyone at home, I have been back since Tuesday seen a few people arranged to meet up with some and they bail.  The attitudes are totally different.

Times like these really make me think.  I know it seems weird, I have known these people longer than the people at uni, yet I find myself questioning how good a friend they are.  I find myself comparing the two sets of friends, which I know I shouldn’t but its very hard not too.  I suppose they just make me realise how blessed I have been at uni.  It makes me realise how God has equipped me in life, how he has supplied me with the people I need to support me.  At home I have my parents and at uni I have friends who will be there for me.  Obviously my friends here would be as well, but in a different way.

God has made me so comfortable in Cheltenham and supplied me with the people to help that happen.  It is obvious he put me there for a reason and it just leaves me wondering what he else he has in store for me, what his plan for me is after uni, where he wants me to be and what he wants me to do.  All I know is that I will try and do it.  Starting with my final year at uni and passing that to glorify him a major part of that I feel is with my dissertation on which I will be blogging in the next few days.